creating templates across multiple networks in a single organization

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creating templates across multiple networks in a single organization

We have a project to replace our 500 Cisco 5505 ASA
firewalls with Meraki MX65 devices. The firewalls are grouped into 11
divisions and the ASA have specific IP addresses for each network. It
would be best if we can keep the IP structure the same. Our initial
thought was to create a template for each 11 divisions. Let us consider
the following questions with that in mind. I am looking for a general
answer - I do not at this point need to know specifically how to do it.

Division Template design questions:
The IP address would need to be assigned manually so how would we do that
if using a template: Can the IP address be blank?
Within the division we will have ISP connection of DHCP, PPPoE and Static
addresses - DHCP would be the default and the Static and PPPoE locations
would need to be manually configured. Can that be done after the template
is applied? and can that be done in the central office before shipping.

The big Question:
After assigning networks to a template using the above adjustments, can a
change to that template be mad to (for example) change the DNS server
without overwriting the IP addresses or ISP type?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

A template will auto-assign a LAN IP address - but you can then just go in and change that straight away (I usually do).


Yes, you can manually configure the ISP settings before or after a template is applied.

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