convert license to per-device license

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convert license to per-device license

Dear expert ,


i want to convert co-terminate license to per device license,


Could you explain me how to do that ?


for example i buy 10 license , they would give me one license cover 10 devices, so if i convert will the license be generated to 10 different license too ?


i'm not sure on that

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Re: convert license to per-device license

There's no difference between co-termination and per-device licenses. It's the same SKU.


Whether it's applied as one or the other depends on the organization that it's applied to.


When converting to per-device licensing the process will generate per-device licenses for every existing license in the organization. After the conversions, licenses are just applied as per-device licenses immediately.


The links provided by @CptnCrnch should help explain more.

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