block inter-vlan but share a printer and a nas

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block inter-vlan but share a printer and a nas


i have 2 vlans: for production and for guests

i'd like to block inter-vlan traffic and share a printer ( and a nas ( between the 2 vlans

i configured the mx as shown in the screenshot: 


Immagine.pngthe problem is that from a guest computer i can see the nas but not the printer.

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sorry guys i've got it....


the printer had a wrong gateway configured....

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A couple of things to try that always work for me:

  • When setting up allow/deny rules, put allow rules up top and deny at the bottom
  • When granting access to a single host, use a /32 on the host versus the /24


Doing these two things usually allow me to make my exceptions with zero issues.

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thank you @Mr_IT_Guy for the suggestion but it doesnt work 😞

Kind of a big deal

Are these guests on the wireless or hardwired?

If wireless, you'll need to check the MR firewall settings too
Nolan Herring |

they are on the same wired network

Try this and let us know results:



Nolan Herring |

that's what @Mr_IT_Guy  suggested, i already tried it but nothing changes!

it might not be instant but that is how you would do it. I would give it some time for new flows to kick in etc.

Are the ports the devices configured on set on the correct VLAN?
Do the ports happen to have Isolation enabled?
Nolan Herring |

yes all the ports are configured on the right vlan and no isolation. 


the nas port and the printer one are configured in the same way

Any of the clients have group-policies applied that might be overriding default firewall rules?
Nolan Herring |

sorry guys i've got it....


the printer had a wrong gateway configured....

Glad you got it working 😃
Nolan Herring |
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