about port forwarding and 1:many nat

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about port forwarding and 1:many nat

hi  what is the difference between IP Forwarding  and 1:Many NAT?

Kind of a big deal

Port forwarding is used to forward traffic coming in on your Meraki MX WAN IP on specific ports/port ranges.


1:1 NAT is to use an unused address (public IP) in the subnet of your MX's WAN interface as an alias for an address on the LAN side.


1:Many NAT is like a mix between the two. You can define multiple (unused) public WAN IP addresses to be used and configure port forwarding on each of them separately. Not all ports of a single public IP need to be forwarded to the same internal IP like with 1:1 NAT. And you're not limited to the Meraki MX WAN IP like with regular port forwarding.


A few examples:

Let's say your company owns the range:, your MX has


Port forwarding would allow you to setup an HTTP server on the inside and forward traffic destined for to


1:1 NAT would allow you to forward all traffic (no matter what port) destined for to


1:Many NAT would allow you to forward port 80 on to 192.168.17 and port 25 on to 192.168.18.


There's also this article:


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