Z3C - Tetherable???? & How is uplinking to an open WLAN coming along?

Kind of a big deal

Z3C - Tetherable???? & How is uplinking to an open WLAN coming along?

Now that the return to normal life is under way, I am finding myself travelling a lot. As usual, I am weeding out what goes in my computer bag.


The Z3C looks like it remain at home, all on its ownio, because


  • I can't uplink to an available wireless network
  • I can't tether to a mobile phone via the USB port (that might be me)


I am awaiting delivery of a shiny new 5G phone, I am going to places where both my MNOs operate 5G networks, which are faaaaasssssssst. 🏎🚓


So I hoped to be able to tether the phone and the Z3C to sup the electronic Kool-Aid that is 5G. So far plugging a phone into the USB dongle doesn't work, nor does uplinking to an available WIFi network.


In case any of the product development folk have a chance to look at this, I'd add that multicast live content distribution is going to be via multicast, and that the 5G networks I've seen are IPv6.


Please Meraki address these issues real soon now.



Would one of these work - 

USB 3.1 Type C Gigabit Ethernet Converter with Power DeliveryUSB 3.1 Type C Gigabit Ethernet Converter with Power Delivery

plugged into the Internet port and connected to the 5G mobile phone's USB-C port.

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
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I have not tried this with the Z3C but I have not been able to get tethering able to work on a Z3 or MX64 yet... I don't think the usb dongle would work either but I have never used one with a cell phone. 


The only way I got tethering to work was to tether my cellphone to a PC via USB then bridge the PC's connection via Ethernet so the MX would just think its connected to a regular ISP.



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In all probability, I'll just tether the new phone to the laptop. I don't need VPNs (not missed) as we have moved to a Cloud based network/application/services architecture, conveniently data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
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