Z3C BW Usage vs ISPs BW Usage

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Z3C BW Usage vs ISPs BW Usage

I am currently simulating a pure LTE Z3C configuration to be deployed in an area where there is no fiber connectivity/wired connectivity.

The LTE sim card subscription has a bandwidth capping and the bandwidth available can be monitored on the ISP's dashboard account.

I tried to simulate by adding amount of traffic such as https/ftp/streaming and others.

Upon checking, the BW usage in Meraki Summary reports and the ISPs BW report are not the same. The ISPs BW report usage is much more higher than that of the Meraki summary report.

Does the Meraki really provide an accurate report for the BW used?


Is there a big difference? Is there a chart for reference?
meraki has more or less managed packets so there is some difference in viewability of traffic.

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Yes, I recorded the test and here below is the result.

It shows that the ISPs bandwidth monitoring is higher than that of the Meraki, so I don't know if the Meraki is monitoring the WAN side or only the client's side.





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