Z3 with a Verizon USB730L

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Z3 with a Verizon USB730L

I am testing a setup with a Z3 utilizing a USB730L from Verizon as its only uplink. Every time I power the Z3 I have to unplug the USB730L from the Z3 2-3 times before it will get a connection on the cell network.


Anyone have any input on why it will not just work on it's first connection?

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The USB730L is not officially supported by Meraki at this time...



You could try putting the modem into Enterprise Mode as described in the Linux Integration Guide found here.  Inseego Support will not assist with any further support for this process or outcomes, I am just providing the resources available.


Its literately the second modem listed on that page.

Wow, thank you @nsweeting2, I totally missed that!  I was going off my own out of date knowledge/assumption which was the modem was not supported yet.



Please engage Meraki support on this issue, stress your use-case.   


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In case anyone is interested, the USB730L works just fine with Z3's. We are running MX 14.45 on all the Z3's.

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