Z3 15.44 Wireless issues

Getting noticed

Z3 15.44 Wireless issues

Interesting one today:


We have a few Z3's at various teleworker residences. One of them has an MR20 on site as well, to provide wireless in a back section that the Z3 doesn't cover. 


Today, get a call that one of their devices won't connect. Everything else has WiFi. Interesting. Hop on the portal, see the devices connected, didn't pay much attention to what they were in fact connected to. Restart the Z3 and the AP, everything reconnects except this one device. 


Then it dawns on me that they are all connecting to the MR20. Signal strength is not great, as many of these devices are quite close to the Z3. Clearly, the wireless on the Z3 had stopped working when I had applied the 15.44 update (it had been working fine before) and this killed the wireless. A restart didn't bring it back. 


So, updated the unit to the 16.14 RC and boom, the wireless came back. 


This is the 2nd Z3 I've had bizarre wireless issues with, both of which in the same location (Cisco replaced the first one). The AP was a later addition and wasn't there when the first one conked out. Anybody else experience this? 

Kind of a big deal

I haven't had an issue with the WiFi during on them.  That is very unfortunate.

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