Z1 teleworker to MX using Skyus DS

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Z1 teleworker to MX using Skyus DS

Unit connects and works perfect on VPN tunnel using DSL but when I use the Skyus DS MC 7354 I get NAT TYPE : UNFRIENDLY...


Not sure how to fix. Read about using manual port but not sure the IP I should use.

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Hello @Bill,


This would indicate an issue with UDP hole punching mechanism used to establish VPN connectivity. Please refer to the following article for more information and resolution steps - https://documentation.meraki.com/MX-Z/Site-to-site_VPN/Troubleshooting_VPN_Registration_for_Meraki_A...

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If you suspect the SkyusDS is causing your trouble connect the modem directly to a PC withe the drivers installed and test your VPN connection.


The line of service in use with the SkyusDS, does it have a static unrestricted IP, or a Dynamic (non-routable)?


Feel free to call into Inseego Technical Support if you are having trouble with your SkyusDS We are available Monday through Friday 8AM until 5PM at 877-698-6481 or via technicalsupportus@inseego.com

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Hi Bill,

After many years working with USB modems, pick a manufacture. We use DS product mixed results. We keep a couple Sierra Wireless and Novatel older USB modems, swap out sims when things get a bit odd and isolate it to a manufacture.

One example. DS wasn’t working properly, so we switch to a Verizon USB Novatel USB modem. Sierra wireless has seemed to work the best for us.

Well since Novatel pushed a firmware update, it didn’t work with Meraki. Then Verizon BGCO got wind of it and started to scramble, and then Apple blocked the USB modem from all Apple products because of security vulnerabilities. Nice chain of events. And it took Novatel over a year to step up to the plate.

I would personally reach out to the current owner of the DS product line and see if they have any resolution. Then reach out to Meraki to confirm the firmware will work with whichever device you want to use it on.

Over the years this has not been as easy as one would think. You might want to hit your head up against the wall at times but reach out. You’re not alone in this USB modem adventure.
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