Windows Shares Asking for Credentials via Client VPN

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Windows Shares Asking for Credentials via Client VPN

In an older version of the Cisco VPN client the username and password for the VPN did not seem to passthrough over to Windows when connecting to file shares, the server would use the credentials of the user logged onto the computer, this doesn't seem to be the case for Client VPN, it seems to be passing over the username and password set up for the client VPN.  Is there another way to set that up or way so the client VPN username & password doesn't get passed on to Windows server shared when you connect?

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How are you authenticating users on the VPN? Also are you using Cisco AnyConnect or windows built-in?

Authenticating against Meraki Cloud, the list we've built in the dashboard, we're using Windows built-in.


Side-bar: Does Cisco AnyConnect require additional licensing?

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