Windows 10 + Client VPN + Citrix + MX 14.50

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Windows 10 + Client VPN + Citrix + MX 14.50

Hi All


I'm trying to diagnose a weird issue and wondering if anyone else is seeing the same issue.


TLDR; - If you have a Windows 10 machine logging into the Client VPN to an MX running MX 14.50 can you launch apps successfully from your Citrix servers?




I have a staff member (running Windows 10) who can connect to any of our 6 offices via Client VPN and login to Citrix StoreFront running on servers in our HQ.


However for 2 of those offices (both running MX 14.50 - the others are either 14.38 or 14.40) when launching an app it gets stuck on "Starting" for a couple minutes and then drops out and error "connection interrupted".


I've tested the same scenario on two other laptops and a VM all running Windows 10 and can replicate it.

I've also tried other user accounts for both Client VPN and Citrix logins. Same issue.


I can launch/start Citrix apps connecting from a Mac without any issue.


If the staff member is in one of the offices with MX 14.50 there is no issue.


I've ruled out:

- staff members home network

- network routing issues between offices

- staff members account issues

- specific computer issues


And narrow it down to an issue with Windows 10 + Client VPN + Meraki MX 14.50.


Hopefully one of you might be able to verify if it is an issue with MX 14.50 or my setup.





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Just downgraded one of the offices back to MX 14.40 and have been able to launch apps successfully.
So looks like an issue with MX 14.50.

Will test again after downgrading other office and then file a bug report.

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Hi @BP17 

Appreciate your findings. I believe Meraki Team will note this and fix the bug if any.


There were few bugs reported in 14.50 by some of the user before too.


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