What is SD-Internet feature on Meraki MX Series

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What is SD-Internet feature on Meraki MX Series

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Does anyone explain what is SD-Internet on Meraki MX? I try to find any literarture about it but still not found. What is the different with regular SD-WAN? and what is the benefir of SD-Internet.


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SD-Internet functions control traffic in Underlay (WAN1, WAN2).
Until the SD-Internet feature was introduced, traffic control was focused on Overlay (Auto VPN Tunnel).

This makes it a good companion feature to "Local Internet Breakout".


SD-WAN Internet Policies (SD-Internet) - Cisco Meraki


* SD-Internet requires a Secure SD-WAN Plus license.


* You must make a request to support to activate SD-Internet.


* Supported MX models are limited.

  > Supported MX models - MX64, MX65, MX67, MX68, MX75, MX84, MX85, MX95, MX100, MX105, MX250, MX450
  > Unsupported MX models - MX50, MX60, MX70, MX80, MX90, MX400, MX600, vMX (all)


A firmware version (16-X) is required.

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