Weird Routing Behaviour

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Weird Routing Behaviour

I have just replaced a Draytek for a Meraki MX68. The internal network range is, the MX is on .254, same as the old Draytek. I have another network accessible via a Cisco Router (i don't manage this) connected to my switch, Switch IP is The router for this network is IP, the other network behind this (a manafacturing system) is addressed


I can access the 2 devices in the ( / network from without issue, mapped drives etc software runs that accesses this platform etc no issues.


I have just setup a remote access VPN on the Meraki, the subnet I've setup for this is


From the VPN I can access all devices in the network, with no issues at all. I am unable to talk to any devices on the network.


The MX has a static route added to 16 via


What could be the issue stopping me reaching network?


Any help appreciated.

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Does the router know how to reach the client VPN subnet?

Ryan / Meraki Solutions Engineer

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Hi Ryan - your first question:

Do you have the static route set for VPN mode enabled?


Where is that settings, If I've set a static route isn't that the same? IS there a VPN routing section?


Second Question:


The router has the meraki set as it's DG, I assume....(have no access to this currently)

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Sounds like the other router doesnt know the way back to


Make a packet capture on the lan where that router is connected. Start a ping from a vpn client . Look if the icmp traffic if it is send on the lan to that router and if you receive return traffic  back to that vpn client

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