We have cuts in VoIP

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We have cuts in VoIP


We have cuts in VoIP. We have MX64 and MX84 in our offices. We have Cisco Call Manager. We suffer a lot of cuts in calls, provider that configure Call Manager has testing all and they have found a lot of icmp traffic from all MXs to Call Manager.


I have a doubt, is it a normal behavior that MXs send a lot of icmp traffic against Call Manager servers?


Any idea is welcome 🙂

Kind of a big deal

Well, what kind(s) of ICMP? ICMP could also be UDP port unreachable when traffic is blocked... .:)

Provider see a lot of pings from MXs.

Kind of a big deal

Because MX does Health Checks to the outside. I‘d be very surprised of that is related to your problem.


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Is your setup configured to use Insight VoIP Health?   https://documentation.meraki.com/MI/MI_VoIP_Health

MXs use ICMP for this monitoring.

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If you have the call manager IP as uplink test IP or if you are using VoIP health then yes there would be alot of icmp originating from the MX.

Else you might capture at the LAN side of the MX'es if you see the icmp echoes coming from an internal device to the call manager IP.

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Check out my video on building high quality VoIP rules in the MX. Also in each MX, go to SD WAN & traffic shaping and add the public facing IP of your call manager server to check if packet loss is happening on the ISP WAN side.



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