Way to setup a static route for one IP address

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Way to setup a static route for one IP address


We currently have a static route on the Meraki pointed at an IP address on the network.

Is there any way we can have a client statically routed through another route to the same destination IP address for testing purposes? 


For ex. 


Static route set for for xxx.xxx.1.2 next hop to is through xxx.xxx.xxx.2

but for only one host I want a static route for xxx.xxx.1.2 next hop to is through xxx.xxx.xxx.3

I want to use source based default routes for this but it is by VLAN and not by individual IPs. Which means I cannot select a device that's within the same VLAN as other devices. 


Any ideas for this one? 

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In the routing, the most specific route takes precedence, so you can have a route: next-hop -> route for the subnet next-hop -> route for the host

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