Way to be alerted when a client on a network is offline?

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Way to be alerted when a client on a network is offline?

I know that you can get alerts when the Meraki itself is unreachable, but when about when a client on the Meraki LAN goes offline, is there a way to get an alert for that situation?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

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Yes, with an MX device, you can set an alert for this under Network Wide -> Configure -> Alerts
Then check the box for "Clients connect or disconnect from the LAN" and select the client to track.

Another solution to achieve this would be either to use the API to poll clients, or to use a syslog server to receive syslogs and send automated alerts on client connection/disconnections.


This previous thread is quite similar:


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You may consider using a third-party network monitoring tool, such as a network monitoring software or system, to monitor the online or offline status of client devices in the Meraki LAN. These tools typically offer more sophisticated and customisable alerting features that can be set up to alert and notify you of specific events.

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