Cisco Umbrella + Cisco AnyConnect on macOS 12.2+

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Cisco Umbrella + Cisco AnyConnect on macOS 12.2+

Hello Meraki Community,


We're pushing Cisco AMP, AnyConnect, and Umbrella to our macOS users that register their devices to Meraki SM. In some cases, these users are unable to connect to internal networks residing on the VPN, or their internet traffic is super slow altogether.


One of the fix actions we've come up with is to uninstall Umbrella. When we do that, the issue goes away. Here are some notes about our setup.


Only affecting macOS 12.2+ users that have the following installed:

- Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client 3.0.5

- Cisco AnyConnect 4.10

- Cisco AMP (SecureX)


It appears that the AnyConnect installer that has the Umbrella enabler/module in it by default is conflicting with the Umbrella Roaming Client. Is there any way to include the Umbrella configuration directly into our AnyConnect installer on macOS?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You should definitely be skipping the Roaming Client (for several reasons) if you've got Anyconnect in place.


The easiest option to get the config onto your clients is packaging Anyconnect together with the OrgInfo.json that can be downloaded on the Umbrella Dashboard via "Deployments > Roaming Computers > Roaming Client > Download Module Profile".

It has be installed to /opt/cisco/anyconnect/Umbrella/. Further information can be found on


Soon(ish), you'll be able to use Cisco Secure Client where also AMP is integrated into the client currently still known as "Anyconnect".

Thanks. I did get the OrgInfo.json file -- now the challenge is to embed/include it with the .dmg install file that is pushed to our users through Meraki Systems Manager. Do you know of any way to achieve that?

Looks like exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you so much!

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