WOL over VPN on MX64

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WOL over VPN on MX64

I have set up a VPN with the MX64 to access a computer on the local network.  That works fine.  I'm able to access the computer remotely using Remote Desktop.  But my problem is getting a WOL (wake-On-LAN) to work.  I've been using a WOL utility (https://wol.aquilatech.com/) to wake up the computer over the local network, but this doesn't work over the VPN.  I know I can wake the computer up using "Send Wake-On-LAN" in the Meraki dashboard, but I'm trying to set this up for a user who doesn't have access to the dashboard.  I've read that its possible to do a remote WOL via Port Forwarding (https://wiki.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/WOL#Remote_Wake_On_LAN_via_Port_Forwarding), but I have no idea how to set this up on the MX64.  Any advice would be appreciated.


Thank you in advance.

Kind of a big deal

WOL usually uses a layer 2 frame, so it wouldn't work over a VPN.  It would only work for machines on the local network.

Thank you for your response.  I gathered that WOL doesn't work directly over VPN, I need an awake computer on the local network to send the WOL to the sleeping computer.  I presume that is essentially what is happening when I click on the "Send Wake-On-LAN" in the Meraki dashboard.  But the question remains, how can a user who doesn't have access to the Meraki dashboard, get the MX64 to send a WOL magic packet to a sleeping computer on the local network?


Kind of a big deal

By using another machine in the same subnet as the client that should be woken up?! 😉


I guess it‘s not even possible by using the Meraki API still.

I would install a small linux server / raspberry pi on the remote site.

there is a tool etherwake which will send the WOL packet on the subnet. Depending on the user you can either let him use the server via ssh to wake his machine or just do a simple web server which will invoke the etherwake command.

I do happen to have an android computer on the network which is running a kiosk and is on all the time.  I should be able to use that to send the WOL packet.  Could you give me a few more details on what you mean by "a simple web server which will invoke the etherwake command"?

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