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WAN connection Issue

Here to help

WAN connection Issue

We have MPLS and Internet line.

So, I'd like to do setting on MX.

But because of IP issue, I have to set MS device in front of WANs.

I'd like to know whether this is working well or not.

Please refer the below connection.


MRs---MS C---MX---MS A ---Internet

                             ---MS B ---MPLS


In case of MX, I will set load balancing.

Thank you,


Waiting for your good solutions.


Kind of a big deal

Re: WAN connection Issue

How do you want the data to flow on the MPLS line?


Are you using it as a secondary WAN, or is it for private traffic only?


In terms of putting a switch in front of the MX, so long as you've got your VLANs setup, that's fine. I've got a client where we're splitting an ISP between multiple firewalls, so we setup a vlan for switchports in use with that ISP.

Here to help

Re: WAN connection Issue

Thank you for your comment.


I'd like to use the traffic both of them.

In case of internet traffic will connect site-to-stie VPN.

Please refer the below information.


MRs---MS C---MX---MS A --------------Internet---MX

                             ---MS B --- Router ---MPLS---Router


I know Meraki can't control mpls protocol directly so I will install router in front of Meraki device.


In this case, should ISP set vlan for Meraki MS ?


Kind of a big deal

Re: WAN connection Issue

If you're connecting the MPLS to a WAN port keep in mind the MX requires Internet access on WAN ports. If you have private MPLS connected to a WAN port things may not work the way you expect them to. 



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