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Hi everybody,


I have a question.


Can be set to WAN 1 port two VLAN ID ?

My network provider will give me a trunk port (from the router) on which there are two VLANs. 1. Internet 2. VVN (IP voice)

Is it possible to receive via 1 WAN port?


Meraki MX84 he has two WAN port, but WAN 2 I want to use for internet backup.


the PBX (phone switchboard) has only one Ethernet input.

I need to add VVN to the network on a separate vlan.

Thank you very much for any advice. 



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I am not aware that this would be possible. You could split the services with a VLAN-aware-switch on the outside of the MX.

Yes, you're right.

don't you know how to receive internet and VVN to the network via mx?


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

As we only have one possible tag on the WAN-port, I don't see other ways than using the external switch or let the provider deliver the services with two physical interfaces.

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MX doesn't allow for multiple VIPs/Virtual interfaces on the WAN ports. The only way this would be possible would be to install a layer 2 switch in between your ISP CPE and MX. Trunk from the switch to the ISP CPE and then two access ports on each VLAN from your layer 2 switch to both of your MX WAN interfaces.

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