VRRP devices cause duplicate IP allerts

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VRRP devices cause duplicate IP allerts

I got two network devices in a Meraki network sharing a VRRP address to cover failover.

Now I got an altert from the dashboard complaining about a duplicate IP address:



Did anyone came across this, too and know how to solve this?


Kind of a big deal

Not sure if this is MX or MS, but have you reviewed these docs to ensure setup is correct?






Management IP

When configuring VRRP/warm spare, the management IP address on the primary cannot also be assigned to a layer 3 interface. This is due to the interface IP address being shifted to the spare in the event of a failover. Thus both the primary and spare must have unique management IP addresses for communication with Dashboard, that do not conflict with the layer 3 interface IP addresses.


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Hi SoCalRacer,


thank you for your quick reply.

Sorry for not making it clearer. The devices using the VRRP address are non Meraki devices in the network.

Usually you get 2 MAC-Addresses within this alert, but in that case it is only one.



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I found the reason for getting one MAC-Address only - I switched the network from "Cloud Track" to "MAC address" and now I see the 2 addresses who cause the conflict.


Solving the IP conflict message is up to the vendor of the acting devices (or meraki to mark some messages as expected without sending an E-Mail out).

To stop the flood we disabled the IP conflict alert again.


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