VPN, subnet, and shared folder

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VPN, subnet, and shared folder



VPN client is configured to have the subnet


For an rdp session, is ok.


But to access directly to a shared folder (on subnet 192.168...) is not ok.


How do I configure the mx to access shared folders directly from a different subnet? Thanks !

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There is no trick for this. 

Most probably you are trying to access the shared folders via name which cannot be resolved. 

You can try to access them via IP address, or make sure you access them via FQDN which can be resolved.

Also, worth looking if there are any group policies/firewall rules which will block port 445.



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I've used this article: https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-connect-computers-that-are-on-2-different-subnets to get through the process but my problem is: DHCP request is still going to get through my bridge. What should I do?




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DHCP has nothing to do with accessing a share folder.

You should understand your topology and what you want to achieve. 

If you'll explain in more details what is your topology and what is not working, we can suggest you where to look...

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