VPN is very slow

Getting noticed

VPN is very slow

I have RAS windows server behind the Meraki, and we are using it as VPN server, using PPTP 

All the users are connected with no issues, we have only one of the staff trying to connect and he can connect successfully but the problem is he is getting only 1-4Mbps download and upload is getting the full speed 10Mbps 


His home internet speed is 400Mbps before connect to the VPN

When connect to the VPN the download speed is 1-4Mbps onlu

The main office where the VPN server is the ISP link is 300Mbps upload, and 300 Mbps download and its not congested  

I created a client VPN using the Meraki MX and getting the same result of slow downloads (so the issue is not the server)

Tested the VPN to another location windows server and the speed was perfect 

Checked the Merkai MX log nothing wrong, we disabled the IPS to check no change in performance 

What could be the issue in the Meraki to cause this slowness 

We have around 40 of the staff using the VPN with no issue, only this staff 


Any suggestions what to check on the merkai ?

Getting noticed

Any suggestion here ?

Is there is away to test the the download between both location to identify if its an ISP provider issue, like a software to be installed in one location and download from the other location ?

Any ideas ?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@HaniAbuelkhair4 it is something between the staff member's network and the office.  It could be one or more of:

  • Staff member's ISP peering with corporate ISP
  • MTU size issue at staff member's end
  • Port level restrictions at staff member's ISP

For the second you could try reducing the MTU value at the corporate side, it will make other connections a little bit less efficient, but might fix the one staff member.  For the others you'd need to have a good relationship with their ISP to get anywhere...


By any chance do you know any software that i can use to test the speed between the main office and end user home like install software at the head office and try to measure the speed from the end user home to confirm the issue ?

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