PPOE Connection with Static IP address and VLAN from ISP SIde

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PPOE Connection with Static IP address and VLAN from ISP SIde

Hi ,


Team we have one customer having MX 68 device should be configure


SO customer side they are using broadband


VLAN 100


PPOE Conncetion


And Static IP given by Broad band


we need to configure wan port with correct configuraiton can any one suggest how we should configure wan port in this scenario


We have ealier configure direct and configured static ip its showing bad ip assignment in Meraki device


so we need to configure wan port without error



Harmesh Yadav


Here to help

You need to login locally (not via the dashboard) to the MX to set the WAN port as a PPPoE client - enter the username and password provided by the ISP.  https://documentation.meraki.com/zGeneral_Administration/Other_Topics/Support_for_PPPoE_on_Cisco_Mer...

Between the WAN port and the ISP handoff you'll need a VDSL modem (for example Draytek 130) which converts PPPoE to PPPoA.  The MX will then establish its connection as PPPoE client and the static IP will be automatically be picked up - you don't need to (and can't) set that address on the interface.

in Model i have seen - Vlan is configured in PPOE Configuration


So should we require to configure vlan in MX device ?


and other question is like -- What configuration we should do in modem


Modem should be in bridge more or PPOE mode ?



Harmesh Yadav

Every time I've deployed in this way, the only configuration required in the MX is PPPoE username and password. The modem should be in bridge mode - not PPPoE mode - the MX then becomes the PPPoE client on the network and the modem (in bridge mode) is just a passive device that converts PPPoE to PPPoA.  If you use the Draytek 130 modem, you just un-box it and plug it in.  No config at all required.   

Actually i tried multiple times but not succeed 


Finally i requested to ISP Person to work jointly 


SO He first configured Modem in Bridge mode 


And then given static IP to his laptop and then internet starts working. - i tested because i want to confirm before connecting it to meraki device


Then i open setup.meraki.com   Page and did below mention configuration


1. No VLAN Taggig

2. No PPOE Selected -- Selected Direct 


3. Configured Static IP 


then saved it 


Post this configuration it started working 


I have two broadband  with same configuration so did same process for both and now in meraki both wan is working as expected and without any error


Thanks for your help guys 



Harmesh Yadav


This solved my problem.

The only way we could get the Meraki and the PPOE to play nice was to set the Userid and password for the PPOE, but leave IP address as Dynamic.

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