VPN in iOS dropping

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VPN in iOS dropping

When on a public network, I have successfully used a VPN from my iOS devices back to the Meraki MX64 for some time. No complaints.


But, if I drop the connection and then rejoin, the VPN does not automatically pop back on.  I have to manually engage it. It's too much to remember every time. For example, say i'm in an airport, working, pause, close the iPad / iPhone for a while (WiFi and VPN disconnect) and then return to the device. The WiFi then reconnects immediately, but If I don't remember to restart the VPN, then i'm connected to the internet, but no VPN to protect me. Not good.


Is there a solution to this, I'm sure common problem? I'd love the Meraki VPN connection to restart as seamlessly as the WiFi does.





Kind of a big deal

Have a look at this article. Seems like it'll give you exactly what you need:



All credit to Thomas Witt :).

Thanks.  Right on point.  I have to dig into the profile now.





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