VPN clients use VPN to go on the Internet ans some don't

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VPN clients use VPN to go on the Internet ans some don't


I have a VPN Client setup in my MX-64 configured with Active Directory and RADIUS authentication.

We have an external VOIP provider that have installed a Cisco device in our office.

I have a static route in the MX64 that redirects the VOIP traffic to that device.


Everybody can connect with no problem and have access to our network resources, but for some reason, some users use the VPN connection to go on the Internet, and some use their local connection to go on the internet.


The result is that the users who are connecting to the Internet using their local connection are unable to use the VOIP from their home, unless I add a static route to their computer, when for the other ones, I don't need to do that, they can use the VOIP with no problem.


I'm trying to understand why it happens, and how I can make the same configuration for everybody (using the VPN for Internet).


Thank you

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If this is Windows 10 - try using my client VPN wizard.  I bet it will resolve the issue.


Yes it's windows 10.

I'm already using a script since last year.

I just tried yours, but it didn't create me the VPN connection, only the Rasphone.

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