VPN Concentrator Pros & Cons

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VPN Concentrator Pros & Cons

Friends, can anyone provide, or if there's information on, the pros and cons of One-Armed Concerntor and Routed Mode Concerntor modes?


Thank you.

Kind of a big deal

@johnnyngena : You should go with deployment guide 



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Kind of a big deal

Did you already read the relevant documentation?



For me, the most important Con is that only one ISP can be connected. The obvious Pro is that some use cases are only supported in Concentrator-mode. 

Kind of a big deal

I almost never use one-armed mode.


I prefer to set up the DC like any other site.  I also prefer to have a cheap backup domestic Internet circuit plugged into WAN2.  This means if the DC has a catastrophic failure you can still get to the MX, and AutoVPN can still failover to the cheap circuit.  Having dual circuits also allows you to configure SD-WAN policies so that if the main DC circuit degrades you can take advantage of that cheap circuit, or you can offload bulk traffic you don't care so much about onto the cheap circuit.


VPN concentrator mode allows you to do BGP, and supports more complex active/active configurations.

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