VMX100 and Z3 share PUBLIC IP azure network


VMX100 and Z3 share PUBLIC IP azure network

I have a meraki vmx100 setup in the Azure network, I have 20 remote points connected with meraki z3  VPN´s successfully working in each of the points, My question is can I send all the traffic so that the clients behind the z3 devices can navigate through the internet with the public ip of the azure network ?, is this possible?


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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Generally speaking, you can simply check the "default route" button on the spoke's Site-to-site VPN page in Dashboard.  That is essentially your split tunnel / full tunnel toggle.  With the default route box checked everything will be forced back through the VPN concentrator, while un-checking the box will allow for local Internet breakout.


Yes I have already done this procedure but I am still browsing with the IP of the remote office, I cannot browse through the azure IP.

Azure only allows Internet access for local routes.  So you can't bring in remote traffic via VPN and then route it back out to the Internet.


You could probably get tricky and deploy some kind of NAT gateway (such as an Ubuntu box) to trick Azure, but there are probably some T&Cs you might violate.  Who knows.

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