VLANs can not communicate Site2 Site vpn subnets

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VLANs can not communicate Site2 Site vpn subnets

Hello all,

I don't know whether it has been answered but I have a basic configuration question.

I have a site to site vpn configured and worjing properly ( my native vlan could talk to other sides subnet without any issue ;native vlan /24 peer )


I created a few Vlans . Even though I could go out internet, I could ping native vlan ,I can not access site to site vpn subnet from newly created Vlans. What is the best approach and how could I configure it ? do I have to write static route ? please help.


All of my vlans in VPN checkboxes has been checked.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Does  the other side learned the routes / do they show in that routing  table?


Are there any  vpn fw rules configured?


How do you test connectivity ?

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If it's a service such as RDP from one site to the other, check the firewall rules in Windows.


We had a similar issue with a client and till systems trying to communicate with each other across VLANs/Site-to-Site VPN.

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