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VLAN & Radius - Confusion!

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VLAN & Radius - Confusion!



I have previously had my MX64 appliance running as a single lan with a radius SSID broadcasting.


The radius client is setup within NPS as


I have since created 4 VLANS to seperate the network as per below.

192.168.*.1 - 126

Default Vlan



Staff Only



Pupil Only






Since adding these VLANS I noticed that clients could no longer connect to the RADIUS ssid. Upon looking at the logs I could see that the requests were coming into NPS and failing as the MX IP of VLAN 4 was not setup as a client within NPS.


If I add this radius works fine on client pc’s


My problem is my radius SSID is set to use VLAN 1 why does the the radius request come from the VLAN 4 MX IP? 


Is it by design that the highest VLAN makes radius requests?


Any advice guidence why this is happening so I can understand will be much appreciated, if you need any further information from me please ask





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Re: VLAN & Radius - Confusion!

Have you got the AP connected to a trunk port on your switch?

The SSID should be configured toi bridge into whatever other VLAN you want the clients to be on.


You can also override the VLAN the AP uses to send the RADIUS messages on the screen where you can configure its IP address but you should not need to do this for your case.

New here

Re: VLAN & Radius - Confusion!

Thanks for your reply.


All my VLANS work as expected.


All I cant understand is why on my NPS server I have to set the address of my radius client from to the MX IP i set for VLAN 4 to allow radius to work



Kind of a big deal

Re: VLAN & Radius - Confusion!

Either the native vlan is 4 on the switch side, or you have configured the access point to use vlan 4.

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