VLAN Communication for two specific end user devices.

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VLAN Communication for two specific end user devices.

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We have a few VLANs set up in our MX. We need to get two wireless devices to communicate across from VLAN A to VLAN B to a wired controller for another system. The controller needs to be able to also communicate back through to VLAN A for those specific devices. Is it possible with an Meraki MX80 to configure VLAN communication for these devices?



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As long as the wireless systems supports normal unicast routing and there are no firewall rules blocking the traffic it will work.

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You can use routing capabilities of MX from one vlan to communicate with the other one.



Please let me know if this document answers your question.

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As per the above articles, if VLANs are configured on the MX and no firewalls are in place, Inter-VLAN communication will be available.


All that i can see you requiring would be routes from your controller to the MX and from the MX to the controller.

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