Usage over time in summary report


Usage over time in summary report



Can I check for the usage over time in summary report for the meraki.


It is calculated in Mb/s? Megabyte per second? 


So question is because I'm checking the bandwidth usage in planning whether to subscribe another ISP line,

so I need to x8 for mbps right?


If my total usage is 30Mb/s and I calculate 30x8 become 240mbps? correct? 


How does this tally if my ISP line only providing 100mbps shared line? Meaning over the ISP bandwidth limit already?


Sorry newbie in this.


Thanks in advance.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I think it is Mb/s which is Megabits per second, MB/s is Megabytes per second.  It averages over a time, it isn't the peak.  The longer the timeframe the longer the sample that is averaged, so a 10Mb peak will get smaller and smaller the longer the timeframe you look at.

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