Unbinding a template created network from a template

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Unbinding a template created network from a template

Hello everyone!



Here's the task I have at hand and was curious if anyone has suggestions on an easier way to do this - 



I have a fairly large org of ~400 sites and my predecessors grouped some into templates and others..well are standalone networks. The templates are fine for management, but I'd like to break some of the sites out to group together for firmware roll out testing. 



Since many of these networks bound by templates were actually created by using the template there are no "previous settings" and support says the only way to remove them is to basically screen cap everything and recreate. 



Does anyone have an easier way to accomplish this? API's perhaps? The test groups will ideally be in a template so I'm unclear on the ability to move between templates. Thanks for any insight! 

Kind of a big deal

Create a new template and use the option to copy the settings from an existing template.


Re-bind the existing site(s) to the new template.  Note that any customised LAN IP addressing wont pull through when you re-bind, and you'll need to note that and put that configuration back in.

Awesome! Thanks for your insight Philip! 

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