USB Failover not working on 17.x with MX64's

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USB Failover not working on 17.x with MX64's

We have mostly MX64's. We saw a reliability issue on USB modem failover in the release notes for 16.x but Meraki said 17.x would fix it. Well, it didn't, it broke it more. Now all of our customers on 17.x have useless USB failover that doesn't even recognize a device is connected. We had to roll them all back to 16.16.x. Any help is appreciated. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You need to contact support, rolling back firmware is fine short term but does mean you are without any of the security fixes from FW17 and at some point that firmware will not be supported. 


I have found USB modems for all vendors over the years have been a pain not just Meraki, the problem is there are so many options that where do you draw the line on what you can support.


Your customers given the MX64 is old might be better using the MX68cw which has built in cellular.
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