URL to point to an internal IP address of our webserver

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URL to point to an internal IP address of our webserver

Hi Team, 

We have a requirement that i cannot seem to find a solution to. We have site to site VPN's configured (1 hun and 3 spokes) We have a server running some VM servers at the HUB site and have some webapps on a server with ip ending in .23 . We need to have the internal computers resolve a URL xxx.xxx.xx.cloud:8061 to the internal ip ending in .23. 

Currently, the external ISP DNS resolves the URL to our WAN IP address and we have a port forward in place to get to the server but our webapps support are claiming it is not right.  


Is there any internal process that can resolve the url to our internal IP.  The webapps do not need to be accessed externally either. 


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our webapps support are mentioning snat or dnat maybe but that all seems external 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You would need an internal DNS server that you can point your devices to. You can then have that DNS server resolve the URL to the local IP address.

Here to help

Thanks Brash, 

I will check with the Webapps team regarding a simple DNS change to point the url. 

They provided me with this 




Can you please update the firewall as below and advise once completed?





This sounds like they're keeping the DNS resolving to the external IP address but are wanting to implement a hairpin rule on the firewall.

This can work in general and provides some security advantages, but you'll need to evaluate whether that's more preferred than pointing the internal hosts directly to the internal server.


Hi Brash, 

I beleive thats what they are wanting and are not giving me much of an option at all. 

Do you know how i would go about that hairpin rule? will i need that DNAT enabled?

Yes, you can configure a hairpin rule utilizing 1:1 or 1:Many NAT on the Meraki MX gateway.



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