URGENT: Cannot delete device (expired licence) - locked out of organisation

Comes here often

URGENT: Cannot delete device (expired licence) - locked out of organisation

So here's the situation....

2 Networks in an Organisation, let's call them MX60 and Z1


MX60 and Z1 were coming up for licence renewal. MX60 was still required, but Z1 was not.


So a renewal licence was purchased for MX60 and all fine - Expires 2021. The Z1 is offline and it was just left to demise (It was not deleted from the organisation)


Now the Meraki page will not let me delete the Z1 and has locked me out of the MX60 dashboard, with many clients relying on connectivity for this.


Can anyone please help?

Kind of a big deal

Contact Meraki support - now!

Agree, contact support ASAP. 


You should be able to keep devices in the organisation (but not assigned to a network) without implications for licencing. 

Agreed, call Support ASAP to get that sorted and give them the S/N of the Z1.  It's no problem to just remove the Z1 from any active networks, it will still be in your Dashboard organization's inventory but not counting against your license usage.

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