Traffic Analytics - excluded data

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Traffic Analytics - excluded data

Traffic Analytics excludes less than .1% of total network traffic per the traffic analytics page. With the internal traffic being counted towards this, external traffic to those lovely social media pages quickly get pushed into that .1% category due to the site of my on-site server farm and the amount of internal traffic flow.


Has anyone come up with a way to remedy this? I would like to be able to see Traffic Analytics on external traffic going over WAN1.

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Kind of a big deal

Hey @DavidTX ,


Can I assume that you have a large amount of your internal traffic flowing through the MX?


You're only real options are the filters at the top of the page:




If all your internal traffic is going through your MX this won't be much help. You'd have to try and keep that traffic off the MX and on your switches only to be able to properly filter on that. 


Otherwise, there isn't really a better solution that I'm aware of.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If there are a small number of clients you could create a custom group policy (even if it does nothing) and then assign that to the users.  Then you can view the data for just the clients a group policy.



I lie.  I was thinking of network-wide/clients.  For traffic analytics you can only view by Meraki device type that saw the traffic.

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