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Summary report on MX by SSID


Summary report on MX by SSID

Hi Everyone!


I'm trying to produce summary reports on different networks with MX devices within the same organization.  I want to select just our guest SSID for the report.  I have this ability when I run summary reports on organizations with external MR devices but when I select a location using a MX device with an internal wireless hotspot (like MX67W & MX68W) I cannot select a certain SSID it only has ALL SSIDS selected?


Any help would be appreciated.



Anne Savoie
Kind of a big deal

Re: Summary report on MX by SSID

I don't have any W models to see specifically, so I am going to assume its the same as any MX model, which is when you select 'appliance', it does not give you any option for SSID drop down.

Me thinks this might be an oversight of the reporting side and probably nothing you can do about it for right now.
Nolan Herring |
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