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Sub-Interfaces on Meraki MX84 or above?

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Sub-Interfaces on Meraki MX84 or above?

I have a pair of Meraki MX84 firewalls. 

I have a primary and secondary internet link which I am connecting to the primary and secondary WAN  ports, 

On one firewall I also have a dedicated point to point link to Azure provided by the same ISP

Can anyone advise if I am able to configure sub-interfaces on the MX84 and trunk one of the WAN ports to the provider switch? 

If not am I able to configure one of the other ports to take this connection as a physical port 

Failing that, are there any bigger firewalls that would give me that functionality. 

This is currently being handled by an ASA without issues, but customer has upgraded to Meraki and presented me with this challenge. 




Kind of a big deal

Re: Sub-Interfaces on Meraki MX84 or above?

You can not configure a sub-interface on the MX84 WAN interface.  You can configure a WAN interface to use a specific VLAN tag - but this is not the same as having a sub-interface.


Lets say you sub interfaces have VLAN tags 10 (Internet) and 20 (Azure).  You could configure a LAN port as a trunk (allowing only VLAN10 and VLAN20), and connect the provider circuit to that.  Then configure a LAN port to be an access port in VLAN 10 and connect that LAN port to your WAN port.  Then configure another LAN port to be an access port in VLAN20 and plumb that though to whatever you want to handle the Azure traffic.

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