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MX in Pass-through mode - Max throughput value

Getting noticed

MX in Pass-through mode - Max throughput value

Hello Meraki Gents,


I am looking to know how much is the max download throughput that we are able to get it in an MX64 /MX65 if we put it in Passthrough mode instead of Nat Mode? 


I know there are many factors that could affect the reading like IPS/IDS/AMP many client / VPN .....etc. But I am looking for a default value or any reading.


I know the Download  Stateful firewall throughput in MX64/MX65  is 250 Mbps  But what about if the MX64/MX65 is in Passthrough mode instead of NAT MODE.


I was looking for this information but it is not available in any Meraki Documentation? 


I was looking in the URL  

Also, i found that information But when it is in Stateful / Nat mode 

 Stateful firewall throughput
MX64 250 Mbps
MX64W  250 Mbps
MX65  250 Mbps
MX65W 250 Mbps



Any idea, please ? 


Thank you 

Kind of a big deal

Re: MX in Pass-through mode - Max throughput value

I believe the MX64 and MX65 are software limited to 250 Mb/s.  They certainly are when not in pass through mode.  This can be evidenced when you go "Security Appliance/Traffic Shapping" and you drag the WAN1 slider all the way across and the fastest speed you can select is 250Mb/s.

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