Source IP and/or VLAN mismatch

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Source IP and/or VLAN mismatch



I have tried looking for information on this type of event since it is giving me problems lately.




Could someone explain to me what it refers to and why is there this error?


The solution that I apply is to assign a fixed IP and then release it. But I would like to understand the problem itself.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Well, I'd guess there could be an issue with your DHCP server. The IP address from your screenshot is a so-called "APIPA" address that's being used when a client doesn't have other ways to obtain a "real" IP address.


As soon as this IP hits your MX, it will take a look at its routing table and doesn't find that IP address range (or "thinks" this is located within your default route. Because of it will prevent communication.

Getting noticed

By any chance do you have bonjour forwarding on both access point and Mx, if yes remove it from the access point.   I had the same issue.

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