Snort rule 1:9790 blocking Konica Minolta printing


Snort rule 1:9790 blocking Konica Minolta printing


As of today I had problems with all my Konica Minolta printers and their Universal printer driver. None would print, I see traffic blocking on Meraki MX with snort rule 1:9790 HP-UX lpd command execution attempt


I had to whitelist to get print working again

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Hi, we got the equal issue and already raised a ticket. But at our systems this event was whitelisted round about a year ago and nothing changed. Seems to be something very wrong with IDS as there are more threads about IDS -



I'm a bit worried seeing IDS events allowed out of nowhere and whitelisted events getting blocked.


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Sorry for late reply. Got a reply on my ticket yesterday evening.
"I checked that for you and it looks like this is a known issue on our side where some of the whitelisted IDs are still getting blocked.

Our engineering team is working on a solution for it and I will update you as soon as I hear from them."

No solution until now and printers still not working 😞

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I had a similar issue yesterday with 1:30507 (SERVER-OTHER MiniUPnPd ExecuteSoapAction buffer overflow attempt).


This blocked features in our ERP. I had to whitelist it to get business working.


This traffic had never been blocked before the latest Snort update that was pushed. Update confirmed via TAC.

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Today another Whitelisted event got blocked - Disable and re-enable it made the traffic work again.
Event was "1-15511 Oracle WebLogic Apache Connector buffer overflow attempt".

Legal traffic from clients to a license server for a CAD application which was whitelisted over a year ago.

That's really annoying. Can't check hundreds of firewalls if something is not working as configured ...


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Same issue here.  All our printers not working and when I see 'security center' it blocks a lot of traffic caused by snort rule 1:9790. Not sure what happened but suddenly having this issue.  Is this a bug?

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