Setting up / troubleshooting mesh VPNs with WAN optimization


Setting up / troubleshooting mesh VPNs with WAN optimization

Anyone got any experience setting up/troubleshooting mesh VPNs with WAN optimization across many locations?  

I have 25 active sites with a mixture of MX80, MX60W and a MX100 at HQ, and have started to see lots of VPN disconnections once I reached 25 active sites.  Meraki Support advised me to turn off all WAN optimization, which seems to have resolved things.

However, I have many poor links, and was hoping to make use of the WAN optimization to get the most out of them.

Does anyone have any experience related to this they would share? Any understanding of the interplay between mesh VPN and WAN optimization would help.

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Our organization has 150+ sites using a mix of MPLS, MoE, WAN, LAN, and IQ Networking to connect all to a Central Office hub.  We utilize a Mesh VPN network as well as WAN Op to keep everything connected across a range of MX models 64 - 100.  Are you having a specific issue or are you in need of a specific configuration?

We are currently in process of starting a rollout of Meraki.


Our sites are ISP and MPLS connection.  We split tunnel our Internet out of ISP and the MPLS is used for data center communication.


What is the best way you have found to run both MPLS and ISP?  i.e. connect MPLS to a LAN port and use static routes or connect MPLS to Internet 2?  

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Turning it off is the best option, as it is EOL.



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