SD-WAN sporadically conection losses

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SD-WAN sporadically conection losses

Hi all, we replaced our old SD-WAN device with a new MX450 and we started noticing conection loses sporadically from the remote devices. The remote clients need to access an IBM server when the problem happens randomly. Accessing this server locally presents no issues so the problem is only in the remote offices (eleven c.a. 280 active connections). We ping the IBM server and have up to 75% packets loss when this occurs. I read something from a blog in netify: "What is the throughput of Meraki SD WAN?" which states that Meraki devices are not well-suited for more than 50 clients "Meraki recommends no more than 50 client devices connecting through these appliances ... and so on" I was wondering this is true. We been throught the settings a found nothing that points it is a settings issue. I apreciate any help, please mind my profile is not network technician.

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

The MX450 supports well over 50 remote client devices if by remote client devices you're speaking about "client vpn" connections. OR if you mean clients across site-to-site vpn connections, it should be able to support that as well. Here's the MX sizing guide:


As you mentioned you're not a network technician, I would recommend calling Meraki support for assistance in verifying where along the path the packet loss is occurring.

Much appreciated your reply


I forgot mention, the VPN clients work fine using AnyConnect VPN from their home when they have to. The issue is the remote offices connectivity loss.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

I would check your MX is running the latest firmware 18.107.2 first, but concur with @JonathanSwitch that, if you still have issues, raise a case with Meraki Support.   The 50 users thing will relate to 'smaller' MX models.

Thanks for your answer


We are seeing the firmware.


Now I have more insight to get in touch with support.

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