SD-WAN deployed on a dual MPLS enviroment


SD-WAN deployed on a dual MPLS enviroment

I'm uncertain as to how I would deploy the MX65 at my spoke location to support my dual MPLS.  The site accesses the internet over the MPLS back at the DataCenter/Hub which has a MX84.


One of the MPLS is a Layer2 WAN.  So I will be able to plug it's handoff into port internet2 and it will be able to ping the MX84 at the hub.  The second is a Verizon MPLS that has a router with with two interfaces.  One on the WAN and the other on the LAN, Data VLAN.  I'm no sure where I should poisition the device in relationship to the MX65.  Do I plug the LAN internet of the Verizon MPLS router into internet2 and keep it on the same network as my data vlan.  Here is a diagram of the current design. 



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Since the remote site doesn't have its own dedicated Internet, you should be able to accomplish this by putting a Layer 3 switch at the remote site, a firewall isn't needed necessarily.


I have a similar setup: at my remote site I have an MX84, but this site has its own dedicated internet, so I plug the Internet connection(s) into the Internet ports. The MPLS is plugged into port LAN port 10, and I have static routes configured to route voice traffic back to HQ over the MPLS. I'm using the MX84 as my MPLS connection because I don't have a Layer 3 switch there (yet).


I'm not saying that you can't use the MX65, you just probably won't need to use the Internet ports to accomplish what you're trying to do.

So your MPLS router's LAN interface is on the same segment as your users.  You have a route in the meraki that says if you are voice traffic go to this ip address which is the LAN of the MPLS router.  You must be leveraging Policy Based routing in this design, correct?. In your design is the Meraki at your remote using VPN over the MPLS? 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

There is so much I would change about your design I barely know where to start (apart from throwing it away and starting again).  It is probably best to get a Cisco partner involved with Meraki expertise to sort this out for you.

Go to the Partner locator here:

and search for "Express Networking Specialization" in your area.

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