SD-WAN & traffic shaping

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SD-WAN & traffic shaping

Id like to put in a rule this weekend to allow only 20MB traffic from Azure to an On-premises  server as we are taking data off of a Server in Azure its through a VPN . Ill be using a robocopy script


I think this is the best way but id like to be sure




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

10.2 is azure subnet?

With 40MB you mean 20Mbps UP/ 20Mbps DOWN like in the screenshot?


Also note this is per flow that hits this rule. So more ip's / flows can together still use more than the defined limit.

Hi thank you for your reply,


Yes the is a subnet in the Azure portal, we are connecting with a VPN.


I tried 40MB but the Meraki said you can only have 20MBs. I left it at 20MB.


Thank you for the advise that more IP's / flow can use the traffic shaping rule 

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