Routing help with MX100

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Routing help with MX100

Hi Guys,


Im quite confused right now if I was able to configure everything correctly. For any routing expert out there, may I seek help please?


My issue is I want Branches A, B & C talk to Branches XYZ back-to-back thru Meraki having different network provider with different physical circuits. (please see connections below)


Meraki MX100.jpg


If this might help explain the issue much further:


Provider 1 Routing table sample is below: next hop next hop and so on..

Meraki Routing table next hop next hop next hop next hop


Provider 2 Routing table next hop next hop and so on...


after configuring allow rule on L3 Firewall on MX100, Branches ABC cant still see Branches XYZ, am I missing something?

also for the port on meraki, should I switch it to Trunk?

Franco Ramos
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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Actually, I don't really get what you are trying to achieve.

Most important is, that your MX-Ports in use are two LAN-Ports and not the WAN-Ports. For these two LAN-Ports, Access is perfectly fine.



You say "ABC can not see XYZ". Does this mean the other direction is working? Or in general: What is already working? ISP1 to ISP2, ISP2 to ISP1, any Branch to MX, any Branch to the other ISP?

How do you test? Are your test-packets allowed on the target-devices?

Thank you for this, got totally confused yesterday and forgot to test both sides of the network, will update my post later. Thanks again!

Franco Ramos
Getting noticed

To see dynamically learned routes on a router you need some kind of dynamic routing protocol. Have a look at this link to achieve dynamic learned routes from/through a MX.



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