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Routing Protocols

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Routing Protocols

Where can i find a documents which explains which routing protocols are supported and what features are supported and not supported.


I see OSPF is support and BGP for AutoVPNs

I take it EIGRP is not supported

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Re: Routing Protocols

OSPF only has limited support, it only advertises, it doesn't listen.  There is no EIGRP support.  

Kind of a big deal

Re: Routing Protocols

The OSPF implementation is odd, and works a bit differently on MXes than it does on L3 switches if I recall correctly. I do know people who are using it though.





Meraki is not CIsco enough to support EIGRP. I don't see how K value tinkering fits into the general design thinking behind Meraki kit, honestly. Where's that going to go on the dashboard?


I wouldn't expect IS-IS either. 


If you have basic questions, I usually go to the document base and pop the basic keyword into the search bar. That's all I did here, besides make jokes about EIGRP.



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