Routed Mode - How can we route LAN traffic to MX ??

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Routed Mode - How can we route LAN traffic to MX ??

HI All,

We have HUB and SPOKE design, one of our SPOKE sites wants to communicate with DNS/DHCP which is hosted in HUB location behind the firewall.

WAN1-> configured with Public IP's which is used as Internet Link

WAN2->MPLS link can be used as Intranet traffic and this can be rachable to Internet for VN registry.


In my HUB routed mode how can i route my all DC(HUB) VLAN's to MX450's.


my L3 is firewall which is connected to WAN2 of MX450 through L2 switch on vlan100


need your help/advice on how can i route ?

Kind of a big deal

I am not really sure about your setup at the Hub-location. A L3-diagram could help here ...

In general:

  • If your VLANs are configured on the Firewall (MX), then there is nothing else to be done. The traffic automatically flows to the MX and can be sent on to the VPN or the internet.
  • If you have an internal L3-switch that also has routing enabled, this device needs a route pointing to the MX through a transfer-VLAN that is used between the L3-switch and the firewall. This could also be done with the default-route on the L3-switch.
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