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Route Specific Traffic over VPN?

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Route Specific Traffic over VPN?

Hello, I have 2 sites connected to each other currently using the auto-vpn functionality. The Hub is running an MX84 and the Spoke an MX68. Due to the nature of the internet usage some traffic has to be routed to the hub site while the rest is normal internet usage.  Currently I have it set up at the spoke site to use the hub as a default route as I cannot seem to route traffic destined for specific IP addresses only through the VPN. The issue with this is that all internet traffic is sent over the VPN and it has cut download speeds in half. Ideally I want to set up routes for traffic that is only trying to reach specific IP addresses to be sent to the hub site. I understand that this might not be possible with the auto-vpn and that I may have to set up a site to site vpn manually. I am happy to do this if it solves my issue but I need to know how to set up the static routes once the non-meraki site-to-site vpn is in place.

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Re: Route Specific Traffic over VPN?

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